Ukraine – Volohi project

Pastor Chidesa has been a missionary, working under the Baptist community, for the past 20 years in the Ukraine. The area has struggled economically, with the war creating further hardship among the people.

Pastor Chidesa’s Ministry Areas

  • Oversight to 21 villages, mainly working among the Romanians in the Ukraine.
  • Overseer to 3 pastors
  • Pastors 5 churches. (5 services per Sunday)
  • Helping the working poor, orphans and widows by providing food, clothing and education.


  • Education of children: many children unable to attend school because of financial needs. Goal is to provide scholarships to designated children.
  • Relief of the poor. The war and communism has brought economic hardship to many families, especially widows and orphans. Goal is to provide relief to designated families as the needs arise.


  • Church building in Remeti, Romania
  • Possible soup kitchen for children and after school education help
  • Possible boarding school for children.

“I still got the fire. Trust in the Lord. He can do it. I just obey my heart’s cry and inspire others.”