Hands for Humanity

operates as a non-profit charity in partnership with Foundation For Missions Canada.

Hands For Humanity is an accredited Christian charity with the Canada Revenue Agency.

We are a non-profit interdenominational development missionary organization created to leverage people and resources and bring together churches, charities, relief agencies and communities to focus on making micro and macro effects in developing countries.

Our current Mission Focus – projects and programs

Back to Bolivia

  Changing the world one can at a time.Mission Team Bolivia -The Fall - 2019.Details to follow shortlyFor further information - email Gail Krampien ---  gail@handsforhumanity.caIf you want to help by collecting cans and bottles or live in New Hamburg and...

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Volohi Project

Ukraine - Volohi project Pastor Chidesa has been a missionary, working under the Baptist community, for the past 20 years in the Ukraine. The area has struggled economically, with the war creating further hardship among the people. Pastor...

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Freely Give

Freely Give - Martin and Nancy Foster Freely Give – Collaborative Network Communication – Collaboration – Culture A network of people & resources that work together to build bridges & connections through...

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Manatial Ministries

Manatial Ministries: Mark and Cinthia Blosse Mark and Cinthia Blosse have also recently started a ministry called Manantial Ministries, where the aim and focus is to teach, train and support local pastors and Christian leaders in any way...

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Mision Adulam

Bolivia - Mision Adulam Fineke Janssen was born in a small village in Holland in 1955. In 1989 Fineke left Holland to begin her first term as a missionary in La Paz, Bolivia. During the early years she became aware of the Lord showing her the...

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Bringing Light to World

The issue in question In some areas of Guatemala there is often no source of hydro or it is is unreliable especially in the evening due to increased demand. Students cannot study adequately after dark as they do not have a good source of light. They use...

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