Bringing Light to the World

through free renewable energy

The issue in question

In some areas of Guatemala there is often no source of hydro or it is is unreliable especially in the evening due to increased demand. Students cannot study adequately after dark as they do not have a good source of light. They use candles, kerosene or pine torches which are not very bright, cost money and not healthy as far as the fumes they give off.

A solution

We supplying solar lanterns to households. The light will help students study and provide light to provide opportunities to work after the sun sets. We are also supplying more powerful solar off grid systems to further help whole families be more productive after dark.

In 2018 we were able to supply 170+ Solar lanterns through donations. Each light was delivered to a student and its operation was explained to the child and family.

Solar lantern for student study

This easy-to-use solar-powered light enables children across the developing world to study during evening hours, improving their grades and creating a brighter future. Parents love the affordability, reliability and opportunity it provides.


  • Battery: 4-12 hours of light per full charge
  • Brightness: 4x brighter than kerosene
  • Solar Panel: Integrated solar panel
  • Portability: Adjustable handle & stand

Product Highlights

For 2019 we are ordering different solar lanterns which are waterproof ( photos to the right)

Helping people help themselves by investing in free renewable energy.

Martin and Nancy Foster as part of Freely Give Collaborative Network are initiators of this outreach.

Shack Attack – solar systems for families

We are also getting some small solar kits that will include a solar panel, a charger, 3 lights, and cell phone charger which will be sufficient to light a small shack without cost.

The solar kits will help family light their “shacks” so they can be more productive after sunset which is just after 6 pm all year round.

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