Nicaragua – Jorge and Pat Ibarra

Our missionary work is multifunctional and multifaceted we do a lot of different things related to ministry, discipleship, pastor training programs, children programs, a lot of denominational meetings to organize the church in Nicaragua with the head leaders of other denominations. As president of the AEC NICARAGUA I have to represent our more than 40 churches’ before different government and other Christian organizations in regard of political and economic crisis that affect the body of Christ here in Nicaragua even regulations that the government wants to implement in the churches.

We also are overseen the projects that we started many years ago and to find ways to self-sustain them, trust me that is very difficult to achieve in a very poor economy and with an oppressive government.

We are pastoring two churches, one of them is the first AEC church “El Alfarero”(The Potter) in Managua and the other church is about 150 meters away from our house here in Veracruz. This second church is relatively new “Jesus Mi Rey” (Jesus My King) we have been pastoring there for about 8 months now, we trust God that we will be able to evangelize and disciple this community. At this point we have about 15 members and not all of them are baptized. On the other hand the first church has matured members and more organizational experience and is a big blessing for us because we use that church a lot to help the other churches, one of our main tasks at this point for that particular church is the reconstruction of the building because is very old and the roof structure is in very bad shape, plus the building needs to be adapted to this generation ministry standard because now we have a Bible training Centers for future pastors and ministers in it plus the Sunday school class rooms the main offices of the AEC, The Missions Department, so we really need to rebuild to create the new areas for all of this mentioned.

We also attend the AEC pastors in the different cities, towns and regions where they are, they need attention, they have needs and problems, they get sick and need prayer and financial support or medical attention. Most pastors don’t have the facilities to pay a good doctor and get medicine, so with the help of God we help those pastors and their families if needed.

There is much to say about being a missionary in Nicaragua serving other pastors and many communities that are in great need. We have some success doe to the love of our Lord Jesus, He puts that love in the heart of those who help us as well. This work would not be easy without the support of the wonderful brothers and sisters that sacrifice their finances to extend the Kingdom of God here in Nicaragua. Thank you. We love you. God bless you.

Meanwhile we continue in the task of establishing the Kingdom of God, discipling and teaching believers to also strive to establish this precious Kingdom in their lives and in the lives of others. Here we are in Nicaragua although at this moment the country is in a struggle and there is repression by the government. God help us. He is the only one with a heart totally dedicated to us his children.


Donations will be receipted through Hands For Humanity Canada  which is a registered charity in Canada.