Domingo and Kara Perez : Guatemala

Domingo is Guatemalan and was born in the northern, mountain and very remote side of Guatemala. He is driven to break the cycle of poverty and has a natural leadership and determination to make changes. Dedication, discipline and transparency are what characterize Domingo. If you are thinking to be part of a development program in Latin-American; having someone that has lived, made changes to his own life, family, community and country is worth to trust connect with Domingo. His passion is infectious.

Domingo and Kara Perez were married in 2010 at which time, Kara moved from her home country of Canada to be with Domingo in his home country of Guatemala. The next five years, both were largely involved with missions work in a rural area of northern Guatemala, mainly serving a marginalized indigenous group. They moved to Canada and continue with their passion for ministry work. Domingo and Kara have three children, Jaden (6), Alisa (4) and Benjamin (1).

The couple has a heart to see people grow. Both have a lifetime of experience serving through several nonprofits; “the key element to eradicate poverty is walking with people who intentionally transform their world to be fully developed to their potential; and, influencing their families and communities.” – Domingo.

Domingo and Kara believe in the potential of the people and country of Guatemala; the current operations in the field are: Training and workshops, microfinances to incentive the entrepreneurs, Scholarship for youth, Agricultural and vegetable program implementations with local farmers, tree nursery for reforestation, church construction and church ministry development, team trip management and connection to the field. You have to be part of the program in order to see it grow and we are all accountable to see the investment in people with the right tools in hand and the right capacity to use it and use it effectively and efficiently.

We invite you to be part of “Life-lasting change through entrepreneurship” – VIDESA


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