Ben and Elizabeth Kubassek – Romania

Life Legacy Foundation

Ben Kubassek was born and raised in a religious commune founded by his grandfather near Kitchener, ON. Canada. However Ben chose a different path for his life. He left the security of the commune at the age of 21 and started his own electrical contracting business. Ben quickly became a serial entrepreneur and started numerous other companies in the home building/land development, construction, retail, and speaking/training arenas.

He is also the founder of Missionary Ventures Canada, Hands for Humanity and Life Legacy Foundation.

Ben now lives in Romania and calls himself a mission entrepreneur. He believes entrepreneurs and not traditional missionaries and relief workers are the key to providing the long-term to poverty and hunger in the world.

Ben’s goal is to help people know, grow and go. He loves to teach, inspire and motivate young people to become entrepreneurs. When he speaks, Ben is thought provoking, humorous and totally inspirational. In the same manner, Ben is a dynamic motivator whose honest, down-to-earth style engages people wherever he speaks. As he shares his message of hope and encouragement, his powerful words are capable of moving audiences to tears, laughter, and spine tingling joy.

His encounter with complete burnout at the age of 27 and his discovery that the secret to life balance was doing more not less, led to a passion for writing. Ben is the best-selling author of Succeed Without Burnout and Five “F” Words that Will Energize Your Life.